Paying for our services


We at Spectra Support Services recognize the challenge of finding the right supports for you/ your family member and  finding the resources to access them.

We are pleased to offer insurance reimbursement for many of our individual and group therapies and sliding scales when needed. We accept the insurances listed below, but please check with your insurer to determine your mental health coverage benefits.  We also accept medical assistance for residents of Delaware County for psychotherapy services. For insurance/reimbursement-related questions contact us today.

For those with an Autism Spectrum Disorder diagnosis, we also offer insurance reimbursement for behavior services for Pennsylvania residents under the age of 21 through PA Act 62 for select plans. 

In addition, we are currently an Adult Autism Waiver and PFDS/Consolidated Waiver provider in the state of Pennsylvania.  These services are obtained through your county Office of Intellectual Disability or through the state Bureau of Autism Services.  Look for regularly scheduled orientations to these programs, eligibility, and the application process.